Sync Logs for the Zoho QuickBooks Integration

II. Zoho QuickBooks Integration | Sync Logs

ZBrains Dashboard >> Logs

You’ll be able to track which records the Zoho QuickBooks integration has interacted with by examining the Logs page.  Different log screens are available for each available module, although the screen will default to Accounts if you don’t select an individual module page from the drop-down menu that appears after clicking.

When the integration interacts with a record, regardless of whether or not that record has been synced, the record will appear in the log.  Newer synced records appear at the top of the log while older synced records are pushed to the bottom.

Following is an explanation of the items in the log table itself:

  • Module Key: The number that appears here corresponds to a record in Zoho CRM.  You can view details for this record by clicking the blue Info button to the right of the record.
    • To view the corresponding record directly in the CRM, highlight and copy (CTRL+C) the number displayed under the Module Key heading, navigate to Zoho CRM, find the appropriate module, and view any available record in the module.  At the end of the URL for that record will be a long string of numbers, similar to the module key displayed in the sync log.  Delete the number currently at the end of the URL and replace it by pasting (CTRL+V) the module key number you’ve just copied.  Press enter and your browser will navigate to that record.  This functionality serves to give the user a direct view of the record in case any changes to the record are necessary.
  • Status: This tells whether or not a record was synced by the system.  Possible options here are Synced, Error, Not Synced, or Not ValidSynced means the record was synced across platforms.  Both Error and Not Synced mean the record was not synced because of an error.  Not Valid means the record was not synced because of user-defined filters.
  • Error Message: This column displays the message associated with a sync error, if applicable.  Errors are usually related to a problem with Zoho CRM accepting the info, not with QuickBooks.  If you ever come across an error you do not understand, we offer support for any premium plan (that is, any plan that is not Freemium).
  • Last Sync Date: This shows the date and timestamp of each record in the sync log.  You can use this to determine whether or not your integration is syncing by comparing the last sync date to the current date and time.
  • Details: This column shows a blue Info button for each record synced.  Clicking this button will open a new screen within your browser window that shows all fields the integration has come in contact with.  This is useful for giving an at-a-glance look at the record in question; alternatively, you can examine the record exactly as it appears in Zoho by using the record’s module key.  (Please see the bulleted instruction with the Module Key item above.)

To access the ZBrains dashboard, click here.

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